Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Words I've Never Quite Understood

Random Post.

Here is a list of words I have never quite understood precisely what they mean:

avatar (the pre-video game version)

Here is a list of words that I was never able to remember in the past, but have recently, after many encounters, got a handle on:

sartorial: having to do with tailoring or clothes
avuncular: uncle-like
peripatetic: itinerant, having to do with walking around

Now that I have them all written out, I notice that the second list of words are all more pedestrian than the ones that escape me. Which either says something about me and an inability to grasp abstract concepts, or about how the people using these terms haven't clearly nailed down the meanings or else use them in a very abstract way.

sidenote: Has anyone else seen a big rise in the use of "sartorial" lately? I think there's a trend happening.


  1. Oddly enough avatar and its definition came up during thanksgiving feast conversation. The nephew faction knows the word as part of a successful cartoon series which begat a lesser successful video game which begat a God-awful M. Night Shyamalan movie; my brothers knew of the Blue alien dancing with wolves film, and Ma brought the wisdom re: it's origination as a way for Hindu gods to appear on earth.

    Also during gluttony week this week, the word 'fecund' came up during a game of Cranium...and as you might already know, it's not about what I thought it was.

  2. Interestingly, I have the opposite problem. The abstract concept words I find easy to grasp and remember. No matter how many times I have seen the word, I will never remember what peripatetic means.